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LimeLight By Alcone Introduction

I have never worked in retail sales, in fact I find the whole process to be awkward especially when it comes to direct sales. I have always gone about my artistry without ever wanting to work in that side of the field. All of that changed when I signed up for LimeLight by Alcone.

Regularly, clients would ask me to sell them the products I use. I was constantly forced to send them to another retailer because the direct sales makeup lines available did not meet my professional kit standards. I was basically throwing money out the door to bigger retailers like Sephora. That all changed when I was introduced to LimeLight By Alcone. Why? The products are the exact professional products from my kit, sold in consumer style packaging. Yes that is right, it is the same products I use in my professional kit. As if that is not good enough well...


-Eco-friendly, Attractive Packaging -Vegan Offering

-Paraben-Free Offerings

-No Animal Testing -Made in the USA

-Moderately Priced


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